Mini Adams Peak

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Mini Adams Peak


Mini Adams peak is the closest and easiest hike in Ella. You will get to the entrance in about 15 min walk from Ella town. Otherwise you can take the bus towards Passara or a tuk tuk.

If you are starting from Ella town, go towards the Passara Road and you will reach the entrance at 3rd mile post just after the Flower Garden Resort to your right with a sharp bend.

Place got some other names too. So don’t get mis-leaded. Some calls it Punchi Siri Pada, Small Adams Peak, and Little Adams Peak.

It is 1141 m in height and from the entrance it takes up to 30-45 min for the hike. Views from the summit are incredible. 360 degrees panoramic views with clouds rolling in, is a treat to watch for any traveler.

Hike itself is a worthy experience as you walk through lush green tea estates, talking to locals who are plucking and collecting tea leaves, working in the estate.

We recommend you go early mornings or late evenings for the best views and it will be less tiring.

Difficulty level of the hike is moderate, but make sure you be safe at the summit when trying out poses for the camera while sitting on rocks.

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