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Ministry of Crab was created as a culinary homecoming of Sri Lanka’s
legendary lagoon crab, which has long gained popularity outside of the
The Crabs are the ‘stars of the show’ at Ministry of Crab, ranging
from 500g ‘Small’ crabs to 2KG ‘Crabzillas’ plated up in a variety of
ways from fiery Pepper Crab to the unique Garlic Chilli Crab and the
succulent Baked Crab. We also celebrate Sri Lanka’s fine seafood; from
amazing King Prawns found in the rivers running across the island to
fresh Clams and Oysters from the lagoons.

We believe that freshness is of the utmost importance and employ a
no-freezer policy in our restaurant to serve you the best using the
highest quality of ingredients.

Through Ministry of Crab we bring the iconic Sri Lankan Crab and the
exceptional King Prawns to a global audience and we hope you have a
culinary experience that will keep you coming back for more!

Keep Calm and Crab On

Crabs are a major income earner for Sri Lanka’s fishing industry, but most are exported. This high-profile restaurant rectifies this loss by celebrating the crustaceans in variations ranging from Singaporean chilli crab to locally spiced crab curry. The garlic pepper preparation is sublime. Two owners are former captains of the Sri Lanka cricket team plus there’s famous chef Dharshan Munidasa.

Easily one of Colombo’s top restaurants, a couple can easily drop Rs
15,000 on a truly superb meal with drinks (an average-sized crab for one
costs Rs 6600). Be sure to book ahead.

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